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Viking Pump Evolution: New Stainless Steel Universal Series

Viking Pump now offers stainless steel pumps like you’ve never seen before!  Modularity and customization are at the core of this evolution of their flagship pumps.VikingPump-1127C

  • The new U-Plus™ bracket allows you to use any of Viking Pump’s cartridge or component mechanical seals, packing, and Viking Pump’s own O-Pro® seals.
  • The ProPort™ casing unlocks true installation potential.
  • Customizable port sizes and types
  • Standard casing drain
  • Standard internal circulation holes
  • Can utilize flat gaskets or o-rings for sealing between pump sections including the bracket, casing, head and ports

These pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with legacy stainless steel, internal gear products. So upgrading your current Viking Pump has never been easier.

The stainless-steel construction makes these pumps ideal for challenging applications like industrial chemicals, biofuels, detergents, and more.

Upgrade your pump…upgrade your process…upgrade your business.

Models Available

1127C – Stainless Steel
O-Pro® Seal
0-320 GPM

1227C – Stainless Steel
O-Pro® Seal, Jacketed
0-320 GPM

127C – Stainless Steel
0-320 GPM

227C – Stainless Steel
Packing, Jacketed
0-320 GPM

4127C – Stainless Steel
Mechanical Seals
0-320 GPM

4227C – Stainless Steel
0-320 GPM

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