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Industrial Pumping applications

Viking Pump Applications – Adhesives, Edible Oils, Polyurethanes, Resins, Starch

Viking Pump has been engineering and manufacturing pumps for specific applications since 1911.  There is no application too challenging or unique for a Viking Pump.  Below we focus on 5 applications that are the most common in Michigan – Adhesives, Edible Oils, Polyurethanes, Resins, Starch.  Viking Pumps work for just about every application.  Contact us […]

How Hand Sanitizer Is Made

How is Hand Sanitizer Made?

Can’t miss the news about hand sanitizer these days.  Curious about how it’s made ?  First a little background. Hand Sanitizer Origins According to ProQuip,  hand sanitizers were first sold in the 1980s in Europe as a quick way to help kill bacteria and virus on your hands when soap and hot water are not […]

How is Toothpaste Made

How is Toothpaste Made ?

Ever wonder how toothpaste is made?  Since it’s part of a daily routine,  it is highly likely that you don’t!  But since Kerr Pump & Supply provides some of the equipment,  we think it’s interesting and thought we would share this article written by Proquip, one of our manufacturers who makes Process Tank Agitators & […]


Improved Wastewater Pump Stations in Tawas City MI save $3600 per month with no manual cleaning

DERAGGER Pump Control Technology helps a Michigan city eliminate manual cleaning of pumps and saves and estimated $3600/month. Situated along Lake Huron in Michigan, Tawas City is a popular vacation town. While unique in many ways, the city is similar to many other communities in being plagued by frequent pump ragging in its waste-water treatment […]


Viking Pump announces new Leak Free Chocolate & Confectionery Pumps

In the processing of chocolate and confectionery, special rotary positive displacement pumps are used to move the chocolate through each of the process steps, from milling cocoa beans to depositing, enrobing or panning.  Since the first pumps were used to move chocolate, people have struggled with how to keep it from leaking out along a […]