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Kerr Pump brings high efficiency pumps and controls

to the Detroit Zoo Polk Penguin Conservation Center

When it came time to start construction on the new Detroit Zoo Polk Penguin Conservation Center, Kerr Pump knew it would have to utilize leading technologies of high efficiency pumps for this project. Kerr Pump also knew that the advancements of the new Aurora 3800 Series pump would be the best selection for the Zoo’s requirements.  Aurora Pumps even come standard with a 5-year warranty, which was an additional bonus to the Detroit Zoo.  The Aurora Pump selections were ideal for the 33,000 square foot facility.  It houses a 326,0000 gallon, 25-foot-deep tank in their aquatic area where 80 penguins explore their habitat.Kerr-Pump-Aurora-High-Efficiency-Pump-3800

Secondly, Kerr Pump also supplied a fluid cooler master system controller to manage the multiple water temperature chillers. This helped control the penguin’s habitat temperature. If the penguins were too warm, it would endanger their health. The controller featured a 10-inch color touch screen to manage the controls and monitor the system feedback.

Finally, with Kerr Pump’s service department located just 4 miles from the facility,  any service issues that may arise are quickly taken care of by our service team  – 24 hours a day.  Given the technology, experience and close geographical area to the Detroit Zoo, Kerr Pump was the best choice for this project.