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BJM Pumps

Vendor Feature: BJM Pumps

bjm logoThis months pump focus is on BJM Pump’s line of Heavy Duty Submersible Sand, Sludge and Slurry Pumps.

  • KZE Series – Submersible slurry pump  of high capacity hard metal
  • HAZ series – MSHA approved permissible slurry pump that outlasts rubber and cast iron
  • KZN Series – Heavy duty submersible slurry pump for the most demanding environments


KZE Series High Capacity Hard Metal Submersible Slurry Pump

High Capacity hard metal submersible slurry pumps with agitator is the choice of industries that face the most difficult pumping: Mining, Mineral Processing, Sand & Gravel, Steel Production, Lime Slurry-Fly Ash, Hydraulic Fracturing, Slurry Transport, Drilling Operations.

BJM Pumps KZE SeriesPump Features

  • Sealing System – Oil cooled and lubricated double mechanical seal design with SIC vs. SIC faces and Buna N elastomers. Seal chamber protected from pumpage by labyrinth rings and lipseal. Seal Minder leak detection probe.
  • Bearing System – permanently lubricated upper and lower bearing with high temperature grease to extend life. Upper radial bearing is roller bearing design. Lower radial and axial thrust bearing is double row angular contact design.
  • Impeller- Semi-open hard metal slurry type impeller capable of passing 1” solids to accommodate heavy slurry loading.
  • Agitator- Hard metal agitator keeps heavy solids from settling and allows them to be pumped away.

Pump Materials of Construction

  • 28% high chrome iron wear parts (volute, impeller, wear plate).
  • 403 SS shaft and impeller key
  • 304 SS hardware & fasteners
  • Cast iron motor housing
  • High chrome iron agitator.

Motor Features

  • Power Cable – 50’ length standard, GGC cable with Zener diode for use with ground check controls. Conductor size AWG #6 (50 HP) and AWG #4 (75 HP).
  • Sensor Cable – 50’ length for Seal Minder moisture sensing probe and motor thermal sensors.
  • Cable Entry Sealing System- Compression fitting with Buna N grommet. Individually isolated and potted leads to prevent moisture intrusion and wicking.
  • Class H insulation
  • 1.15 service factor
  • 104 F (40 C) Max Liquid temperature
  • 4 pole motor speed
  • Available in 50,75,100 & 125 HP


HAZ Series – MSHA Approved Permissible Slurry Pump

MSHA Approved, this is the first permissible slurry pump with an agitator. Designed to resist abrasive wear that causes loss of pump performance. Less down time, less maintenance and less repairs. Outlasts rubber lined and regular cast iron pumps.

BJM Pumps HAZ seriesPump Features

  • Permissible heavy duty hard metal agitator submersible slurry dewatering pump.
  • Double mechanical seal design with SIC vs. SIC faces and Buna N elastomers.
  • Designed and constructed for abrasive coal slurries
  • High-Chrome iron impeller, wear plate and agitator.
  • Hardened ductile iron volute.
  • Built-in agitator mixes settled solids with pump water to restore sump or basin volume.

Motor Features

  • NEMA B design motor – 230/460/575 – 1750 RPM – 1.15 Service Factor.
  • Class H motor insulation with thermal/amp overload.
  • Power Cable – 50’ length standard.
  • Available in 5,7-1/2 & 10 HP


KZN Series Heavy duty Submersible Slurry Pump

The KZN Heavy Duty Submersible Slurry Pumps with agitator is the choice of industries that face the most difficult pumping: Lime slurries, Mill scale, Coal runoff sumps, Wash down sumps, Ash transfer, Tailings ponds, Slag pits, Food wastes, Silt removal, Sand & gravel dewatering, Barge & tank clean-out.

BJM Pumps KZN SeriesPump Features

  • All KZN pump models are top discharge. Top discharge means “SLIM”, even the largest model with a 22.75-inch waistline will fit down a manhole with a hose attached.
  • Top discharge pumps are cooled by pumped liquid- the KZN slurry pumps can pump a sump or pit down to within inches of the bottom. A side discharge pump without a cooling jacket must stay submerged to avoid overheating leaving as much as 3 feet of un pumped slurry.
  • KZN heavy duty slurry pumps are utility pumps: frequently dragged from one site to another. The KZN doesn’t have a side discharge connection that can break off or be damaged as it is pulled and pushed into place.
  • Double silicon carbide mechanical seals in a separate oil filled seal chamber. Heavy Duty Lip Seal are provided as additional protection for the mechanical seals. Stainless steel shaft and shaft and shaft sleeve saves on shaft wear due to abrasives and corrosion
  • Pump Volutes cast from hardened ductile Iron-300 Brinell hardness: twice as abrasive resistant as standard ductile iron.
  • Semi-open Impeller- to handle abrasive solid concentrations as high as 70% by weight.
  • Wear plate – replaceable hardened surface on the suction side where erosion would cause a loss of pump performance
  • High chrome agitator helps keeps solids suspended in liquid and helps prevent pump from clogging.
  • The KZN hardened ductile iron volutes- cast with extra thick walls at the point where pumped slurry enters the discharge.

Pump materials of Construction

  • 28% high chrome iron wear parts (600 Brinell, 57 Rockwell C) volute, impeller, and wear plate
  • High chrome iron agitator.

Motor Features

  • Class H Motor insulation- and built in amperage (FLA) and temperature overload protection.
  • Available in 5,7-1/2,10, 15 & 20 HP


BJM Pumps Case Studies

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