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Featured Manufacturer: MD-Kinney

Kerr is proud to announce we are now the Michigan stocking distributors for MD-Kinney Vacuum Pumps, Boosters and Systems, in addition to their Blowers. MD-Kinney vacuum pumps are available in a variety of configurations for various applications and industries. Automotive Vacuum Pumps Hydraulic Brake Systems One of the unheralded but very necessary applications for vacuum […]


Kerr Control Panels

Kerr Pump & Supply Controls Product Group specializes in designing and fabricating control panels and systems for a wide variety of applications. Our innovative engineering team designs complete control systems to meet your specific requirements for industrial process automation. Control Panels can be used for: With over 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Kerr Controls […]


Sterlco Steam Products

Kerr Pump & Supply is proud to announce the addition of Sterlco Steam Products. Sterlco’s entire portfolio of steam control products are available for you from Kerr. Sterlco products are used in applications ranging from sterilization and precise temperature control to comfort heating and power generation.


What Makes Viking Pumps Stand Out?

Viking Pumps stand out as the best industrial process pumps on the market today. When it comes to selecting the right pump from the right vendor, buyers can be easily confused due to the many options on the market. This article describes the various standard and special features—all in one place—that make Viking’s line of […]


Plant Oil Extraction Compressor Pump for Hemp and CBD Oil

Corken E91 Plant Oil Extraction Compressor System – UL Certified Kerr Pump recommends Corken’s most innovative vapor recovery compressor for plant oil extraction, the E91 triple-packed compressor . The fully UL Certified triple-packed compressor system provides the safest and most reliable gas containment for indoor or outdoor use.  Plant oil extraction compressor systems can separate […]

Ethanol Extraction Pumps for Hemp and CBD Oil

Viking Pump Ethanol Extraction Pumps Kerr Pump offers two Viking Pumps that are hemp industry proven as low temperature ethanol extraction pumps for CBD oil.  These pumps are made to meet the pressures and temperatures of your cold ethanol extraction needs. Get a Pump that Won’t Freeze Up!     Viking Pump 897-SEP2 Seal-Less Ethanol […]

Lutz and Jesco

Kerr Pump & Supply is proud to announce two line additions – Lutz Drum Pumps and Jesco Dosing Pumps for our Michigan customers. Lutz Drum Pumps and related components are now in stock for our Michigan customers. Their wide assortment includes solutions for emptying, pumping, circulating, and mixing various liquids at the highest quality, reliability, […]


Dynamix Industrial Mixers

Kerr Pump & Supply now offers Dynamix industrial mixers and agitators. Dynamix Industrial Mixers are used in chemical and industrial processes worldwide and can be custom configured for each specialized process. Designs are stress tested to perform in demanding environments to guarantee mixer performance. Kerr Pump works with Dynamix to provide solutions for: Kerr Pump […]