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Best Practice Checks for Process Equipment Startups

Are you really ready to start up your process?  Here’s how to ensure a smooth startup.

After mechanical equipment has seen a long shutdown there are some simple procedures to assure a smooth startup that include best practice checks for mechanical seals, pumps and motors.

Kerr Pump & Supply’s Best Practices for
Process Equipment Startup after Prolonged Down Time

  • Review and follow pump start-up procedures.
  • Assure mechanical seal flush lines are attached and properly flowing.
  • Rotate shaft to make sure seal faces are not stuck together.
  • Assure bolts and screws are tightened to proper torque settings.
  • Check motor rotation.
  • Vent pump to assure it is not vapor locked.
  • Check barrier fluid for dual seal.

Learn more about mechanical seal and Kerr Pump AST seals.

If you need startup assistance, service or repair work to assure your process is in peak condition when you start up, contact us.

Don’t let a leaky seal disrupt your startup.

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