January 30 2019 0Comment

NEW – Argal Pumps

Kerr Pump & Supply now offers  ARGAL® Pumps.    Key points about Argal Pumps:

  •  Argal centrifugal and diaphragm pumps are available in thermoplastic material, compounds and corrosion-resistant metal alloys.
  • Argal Pumps are a great fit for many industrial applications – Precious Metal Refining Plants, Desalination, Food/Beverage, Water Treatments, Oceanic Parks & Aquarium, Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics, Power Plants, Chemicals, Fish Farming, Landfill & Aquifers, Oil & Gas, Civil Protection
  • Temperatures ranging from -40°F to +248°F
  • Load capacities up to 7,485 GPM
  • Head over 328 Ft.

Argal centrifugal pumps are made with selected thermoplastics and fiberglass to transport the most corrosive and hard liquids.   They are offered in horizontal, vertical, self-priming or submersible.

Argal double diaphragm pumps, air-operated dosing pumps and extra-large pumps are perfect for abrasive and corrosive chemicals, as well as explosion prone areas. They are non-stall, submersible and run-dry, easy to use and maintain.

Read the full details on Argal Pumps.