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How to Stop Wastewater Pump Clogs

Kerr Pump & Supply can help you eliminate Wastewater pump clog problems with the innovative Deragger Pump Monitoring System.  The Deragger+ controls the pump operations so it can dislodge rags stuck inside using a series of forward and reverse motions of the impeller.

Deragger has significant advantages over Choppers or Grinders.  Watch the video to see how it works.

Learn More on our DeRagger page.

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Deragger Customer Reviews:

  • “After trialling both…side by side, I prefer the PRO for its functionality, flexibility and great color touchscreen. It also costs a fraction of what it would cost to put in a self reversing pump…It’s a no brainer!”
  • “We were coming to clean these pumps as often as three times a week, and we haven’t had to clean either a single time since installing the DERAGGERs!”
  • “Since installing the DERAGGER almost a year ago we haven’t had to pull the pumps ever again!”