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What Makes Viking Pumps Stand Out?

Viking Pumps stand out as the best industrial process pumps on the market today. When it comes to selecting the right pump from the right vendor, buyers can be easily confused due to the many options on the market. This article describes the various standard and special features—all in one place—that make Viking’s line of rotary gear pumps well worth considering (from internal/external gear pumps, to sliding vane pumps…and more). 

Capacity range
Capacity ranges from 0.06 to 1,600 GPM, with over 50 sizes available in this range.

Wide range of fluid viscosities, from lowest (0.1 cSt) to highest (1,000,000 cSt).


Liquids for most industries
Wide range of pump sizes and types for handling industrial solvents, fuels, foods, chemicals, paints, coatings, asphalts, etc.

Pressures to more than 2,000 psi
Specially constructed pumps to handle pressures beyond 200 psi; with smaller pumps handling up to 2,500 psi.

Temperatures from below -120° F to above +800° F 
A number of heavy-duty pumps that are designed to handle this wide temperature range of -120° F to more than 800° F.

Models developed for OEM needs
Special-order pumps to meet customer requirements made possible by company-owned foundries and extensive engineering staff. 

National and worldwide distribution and service
A network of global distributors with advanced engineering talent, backed by Viking expertise (at the factory and in strategic locations) for superior service quality.

Many types of shaft sealing available
Wide selection of seal materials and options to prevent leakage, including sealless mag drive pumps.

Special features for difficult and unusual applications
Fit-for-purpose features, such as special jacketing, seals, gaskets, and bearings; as well as over-size porting, O-rings, etc.

Wide selection of drives
From direct-connected, to V-belt, gear reducers, air motor, and variable speed drives.    

Use of the latest multi-axis CNC machine tools
Helps mitigate rising manufacturing costs through automation, while maximizing flexibility. 

Wide selection of construction materials
To support full line of pump types and options for any/all applications.

Extensive engineering data and help available 24/7
Large and complete engineering staff available at all times to assist with technical questions or issues.

Extensive facilities
For analyzing customer liquids and solving other problems.

Extensive research and development laboratories
For evaluating/testing new pump designs and materials to better serve changing client needs.

Viking owned foundries
Enables full-cycle manufacturing control of product and service quality, from raw materials to shipping.

Outstanding product and engineering catalog
Full details on our products, special features, and available options.

Progressive in-house training program
Keeps Viking employees’ and distributors’ pump knowledge up to date with latest technology.

Viking Pump® is a global leader in positive displacement pumping solutions. With 100+ years of application experience solving their customers’ needs daily, Viking Pump offers internal gear pump, external gear pump, and vane pump solutions. Additionally, accessories, parts and kits round out the offerings to support customers full systems and keep the liquid flowing.

Let Kerr Sales Engineers help you with selecting the right pump for your application.