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Industrial Pumping applications

Viking Pump Applications – Adhesives, Edible Oils, Polyurethanes, Resins, Starch

Viking Pump has been engineering and manufacturing pumps for specific applications since 1911.  There is no application too challenging or unique for a Viking Pump.  Below we focus on 5 applications that are the most common in Michigan – Adhesives, Edible Oils, Polyurethanes, Resins, Starch.  Viking Pumps work for just about every application.  Contact us and we’ll recommend the right pump for your application.   Kerr has been selling and servicing Viking Pumps since 1917, with local inventory to meet your requirements.

Industrial Pumping applications

Adhesive Pumping Applications

Adhesives is a broad category covering many materials, presenting unique challenges for which Viking Pump has proven solutions. They may range in viscosity from water thin solvents to extremely viscous polymers. Some are shear sensitive and require larger pumps operating at slow speeds, and some require double seals with barrier fluid or magnetic drives to prevent air or humidity contact at seal faces which can cause sticking or crystallization. Viking’s O-Pro™ seal provides a lower-cost solution with grease barrier between dual dynamic O-rings to prevent air infiltration at the seal.   Suggested pumps include:  1124A, 4124B, 8124A.

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Edible Oils

Regardless of the type of oilseed or the extraction process used (expeller press or solvent), Viking pumps are used to transport oil through the refining processes, which may include degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorizing, as well as storage, loadout or packaging of the finished product.  Suggested pumps include: 4124A, 4324A, 4724, 4327A, SG.

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Viking internal gear pumps are able to handle wide variations in viscosities between the polyols and isocyanates, enabling use of the same pump model for both to provide commonality of spares. Because isocyanates are hazardous, and contact with air causes crystallization at seal faces, sealless magnetically coupled pumps are usually used. Their low NPSHr capabilities allow the top-unloading of railcars required to eliminate atmospheric release of isocyanate vapors.  Suggested Pumps include: 1124A, 8124A, SG.

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While only a few resin applications are listed above, Viking pumps are used in wide variety of resin handling applications. In most cases Viking pumps will be used for transfer and blending applications. Metering applications are also common. Pay close attention to run speed and operating temperature, as many resins are thermosetting. As such, often times abrasive resistant sealing options should also be considered. Suggested pumps include: 1124A, 4624B, 4724.

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Viking pumps are used in the starch mixing and delivery systems (sometimes called kitchens) at paper mills and corrugators. Construction varies from cast iron to stainless steel, depending on the type of starch. Most starches are neutral or basic and are handled using cast iron; those that are on the acid side may require stainless steel. Raw starch may be abrasive if not completely dissolved or allowed to dry out. Cooked or hot starch (typically 160°F) is not abrasive.  Suggested pumps include: 4124B, 4124A, 4624B, 1124A

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