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Thanksgiving 2023 Fact or Fiction Quiz Answers

Wondering the answers to our Thanksgiving Quiz? Here are the questions again and the answers are below it. See who can get the most right at your Thanksgiving gatherings this year! ANSWERS: 1. Fiction 2 .Fact 3. Fact 4. Fiction 5. Fact 6. Fiction 7. Fact 8. Fiction 9. Fact 10. Fact 11. Fact 12. […]

Featured Manufacturer: MD-Kinney

Kerr is proud to announce we are now the Michigan stocking distributors for MD-Kinney Vacuum Pumps, Boosters and Systems, in addition to their Blowers. MD-Kinney vacuum pumps are available in a variety of configurations for various applications and industries. Automotive Vacuum Pumps Hydraulic Brake Systems One of the unheralded but very necessary applications for vacuum […]


Kerr Control Panels

Kerr Pump & Supply Controls Product Group specializes in designing and fabricating control panels and systems for a wide variety of applications. Our innovative engineering team designs complete control systems to meet your specific requirements for industrial process automation. Control Panels can be used for: With over 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Kerr Controls […]


Pump Service Decisions – Repair or Replace

During Kerr’s service process pump inspections, our customers benefit from our complete tear down and parts review that make the repair vs. replace decision simple. Here are some examples. Blackmer Pump Viking Pump Corken Compressor Blackmer Pump Service Example The heads were removed and inspected. They are damaged from rotor contact and will require replacement. […]


Sterlco Steam Products

Kerr Pump & Supply is proud to announce the addition of Sterlco Steam Products. Sterlco’s entire portfolio of steam control products are available for you from Kerr. Sterlco products are used in applications ranging from sterilization and precise temperature control to comfort heating and power generation.